The 2nd Version of TropangFX with additional options for Multi-Pair. You can now use only one chart with other pairs. For backtesting, only the current symbol is being tested and other symbols are not. This will only work in the future test. To test, use a demo account first before using your the real account.


We would like to share our coding skills to fellow traders and most especially to people from all walks of life to have the opportunity to trade or invest using auto-trading way to provide other source of income while letting the robot and your money works for you.


Timeframe: H1 (Any Timeframe)
Supported currency pairs: EURUSD, EURCHF, USDCAD, AUDCAD, EURAUD and many more except ***JPY*** Pairs
***JPY*** Pairs is not fully supported of this EA.

User Guide:

Initial Lot Size - You can use this if you choose Manual at Lot Type
Lot Type - Buffer Available: Manual or 500% Buffer
Power Factor - Multiplier

Stop Loss, pips (0 = disabled) - Stop Loss, set to "0" if you don't want to use it
Auto apply Take Profit - Auto set of TP after you manually open transaction esp. EURUSD
Magic Number - Default is 0, with designated Magic Number for every pairs.

No Trade if with Gain (Buy/Sell) - Don't execute if one direction have gain
Repeat with Period, (Once a day = false) - Set FALSE if you want to trade Once a Day
Default Pipstep - 15 pipstep

MultiPair - Enable this if you want to use multipair in one chart.
Lists of Symbols or Pairs - Separate with "," Comma.
Prefix or Suffix - Add this if your broker has a prefix or suffix.


  • The EA requires good brokerage conditions: low spread and slippage during the rollover time. I advise using a really good ECN broker. Write me personally for advice.
  • The EA should run on a VPS continuously.
  • Minimum capital is $1000 and Cent Account.

IT IS NOT FOR YOU! Please Do Not Avail TropangFX!

TropangFX is NOT a “Get RICH Quick Scheme/Strategy..”. It’s all about consistency and from low (Investor), medium to high (Trader) risk growth for your account through our advocacy of “Enjoy Life…Do Nothing”. Spend more time with your family.

If you are an aggressive trader/investor who wants to modify settings beyond the default/low-risk/recommended optimized value with the number of pairs that might risk your account  (you should know the massive risks involved).

Forex trading is a high-risk, high-reward online business; therefore, YOU should NOT trade/invest with BORROWED/LOANED money or money that you cannot afford to lose.

If you are unfamiliar with Forex and other financial instruments.

If you believe that you simply follow the trends with your friends, and;

If your mindset is not on the same goal.

Risk Disclosure

As Autotrading has a massive potential reward, bear in mind that it will also have enormous potential at-risk however, do not trade with the money you cannot afford to lose. This program turns out to be not for a faint-hearted individual.

Your future indicative result of the past performances/earnings thru the trading system is not assured. The simulated performance has certain limitations: an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. All Trading/Investment involves substantial risk as well as complete loss of capital.

It is necessary that you fully understand the risks involved and accordingly agree to accept full responsibility for your actions, profits and losses before deciding to acquire TropangFX.


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